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 John the Flareon

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PostSubject: John the Flareon   Fri Jan 27, 2012 5:27 pm

John is an extreemely famuous Pokemon and possibly the strongest one aswell. He has lost a few battles but this was when he was younger, once he made a dojo and he trained he obtained his Unbelievable form by major metal and spiritual focus, he has never lost a battle in this form. He first started off as a rescue team leader, he had the Flareon Bracers which allow him to absorb water attacks and use the attacks back at the opponent for greater damage, and his friends/team members were Ruby the Pikachu, Shawn the Pikachu(Ruby's sister) and Marcus the Riolu. They named their team "Team Friendship" because they were the best of friends. Later on they learned something was stalking them, not something....normal. It was some sort of sisister evil lucario. The Guild Master, Raider the Garchomp was the one to tell them this. After which they used one of mews seals which Raider had for some reason, but only one at that, and sealed Raider away because he was too tough too fight. After a bunch of time they met John's Sister's team, Team Justice, his cousin his bro and some absol made up the team, and close to the time they met they got word that Raider got free. Both teams teamed up and barely brought him down...but....with a cost...Ruby's Death... Heartbroken that his first love died before he could realise he loved her he quit his team to find a better life, he searched around for many years for a new home, after 3 or 4 years he found an abandoned shrine which resembled a temple and a dojo. He got to work, Made the Dojo, and advertised untill his dojo was booming with people. He seemed to find a better life, or so he though, the past was soon gonna creep up on him, making him question... "Do I face it..? Or do I run again...?"

John the Flareon~
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PostSubject: Uhhh...   Sun Jan 29, 2012 11:44 pm

How is he so famous and strong? You never really tell.


Cool Like A Boss Cool
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John the Flareon
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